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World Dog Show 2022


The world’s most elite dogs vied for titles at the World Dog Show Dec. 8-11 in São Paulo, and the JBRridgebacks team was there to attend the competition.

It was a fantastic experience for our kennel to compete with some of the most reputable and award-winning Rhodesian Ridgebacks subjects. We loved seeing a tremendous array of well-cared-for ridgebacks and meeting the families and team members supporting their success.


In addition to being one of the premier events in the dog show world, this was also an opportunity for us as a breeder to showcase our bloodlines and gain very positive results such as:

2 Brazilian Champions, 2 Vice World Winners, Best RR Couple and Best RR Breeder at the WDS' 22.

WW22 LEO.jpg
WW22 LEO.jpg

Vice WW 22
Mch. Leonida 

Leonida was almost two years old, and it was his second main international competition; during those two days has behaved like a seasoned show dog. On both days, he won his class, and during the WDS, he also scored the Reserve Cacib, which made him

Vice World Champion 22.
Regardless of his size, he is still a happy puppy who has stolen our hearts and continues to cheer us up every single moment of the day.

WW22 KIMA.jpg

WW19,Mch. CIB, BIG
Storm (KIMA)

Kima, which at the time of the photo is seven and a half, still emotion us and impresses the judges with the way she runs and behaves in the show ring. Again she was able to win her class on both days, and during the WDS she made Vice World Winner. Kima seems to still truly enjoy her dog show trips!!!

WW22 KIMA.jpg
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