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Rhodesian Ridgeback European Champion

Duna Danuwa Shona out of Africa

Duna was born on May 16th, 2013 at the Shona Out of Africa Kennel in Viterbo (Italy).

She came in our lives during a rather difficult moment, but she was able immediately to bring joy, fade away all the grieve we were carrying due to a family loss.


Duna is a natural born athlete and we cannot thank enough her breeder Carlotta for giving us a super healthy, well balanced and smart puppy that comes from a wonderful bloodline.


Duna loves swimming and catching disc-dogs and outpaces agility tracks very well.

She is more addicted to outdoor sporting activities than attending dog shows, however, she started quite early competing in international expo by winning "Best Puppy" at the European Dog Show in Geneva on August 2013 and in summer 2014 she was awarded "Best Young Female" at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty Dog-Show of Italy. 


Duna is Super Nice to the extent when she is checked at the Vet, we are often asked if she is real as she will never act impulsively or try to harm doctors even in quite stress-full situations.


Duna gave birth to 10 furry hearths on September 20th, 2015, delivering our first litter. 


She is our best friend, a deep inner soul and our bodyguard watching silently on us wherever we are in the house or travelling 







Rhodesian Ridgebacks Italian Kennel Club Winner
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