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How it all started

Ciao, my name is Arianna and I am the so-called "Chief Breeding Officer" of JBRidgebacks. You may wonder why we have named our kennel like as such, but for over 8 years of my life, I've lived in Dubai, close to the famous Jumeirah Beach where every morning I used to walk "Shisha" our first Rhodesian Ridgeback whom my husband brought-back after a trip to South Africa from the Pleasant View Kennel.


My family's love for Rhodesian Ridgebacks dates a few years earlier when my husband Marco used to visit for work the house of a client when for the first time he met this magnificent breed. Marco got immediately acquainted with the three Rhodesians living in the house and he immediately realized they were well-behaved with people, with a positive attitude, but at the same time extremely versatile to the extent, they prevented an armed robbery in the same house and put the burglars on a run.  

When we then moved to the United Arab Emirates, Marco decided it was time for us to welcome a puppy in our lives and without telling me anything he planned the purchase finding very good support from the South African RR's kennel club who directed him to a pool of very good breeders who were having litters at that time. He then flew to South Africa and came back with our first PUP. Giving a name to a dog in an Arab country isn't the easiest of the tasks given the fact many people were not used to seeing large dogs roaming the streets and splashing on the beaches. We were trying to find a name able to cool down people and nothing better came to our mind that one of the most popular entertainment habits in Middle East nights: Shisha which is a local nickname for the more known smoking pipe narghile.


We are driven by our passion for the canine-human connection. Despite breeding is not our main business activity, we dedicate a lot of time and resources to the well-being and training of our dogs, and by managing our kennel with thoughtfulness and passion, we give ourselves the freedom to make a limited and selected number of litters and to pursue the improvement of the breed’s standard rather than seeking profit.


We’re self-reliant, but we’re also very collaborative and look to co-operate with those breeders who are motivated by our same approach. We may push beyond the boundaries of the blood-lines, but we never exceed the standards and we focus on delivering healthy and great life-companions able to fulfil the life of the future owners.


Each of our Ridgeback will bear the JBR name when it is registered with a FCI recognized Kennel club and are offered to qualified owners on a limited basis.

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Our Pack

Meet the amazing multicultural team working behind the scenes of our kennel and tasked

 do the utmost to care for our Ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgeback World Winner with her breeder

Chief Breeding Officer 

Rhodesian Ridgeback World Winner with her Grandma

Chief Feeding Officer

Rhodesian Ridgeback World Winner with her human kids
Huey Dewey Louie

Facility Management 

Our Team
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