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An everyday life of a rhodesian ridgeback.
Shisha of jbridgebacks was selected to represen the breed on the book the spirit of the dogs

Pleasant View Nala "Shisha"

Shisha was a unique dog. It's like the first love, it is hard to forget.

She was born in 2008 in South Africa at the Pleasant View Kennel. She always held a quite reserved attitude, likewise she was calm and gentle with people, kids and other dogs.


Our first family experience with a Rhodesian Ridgeback was a continuous learning process. To start, we had to learn a little bit of Afrikaans as it was the only familiar sound at the beginning of her life.


I still remember my husband searching on the web terms like "Kom", "Bly", "Heel" etc ... etc ... .  I shall admit I was a little sceptical on the approach, but slowly we started communicating with Shisha and later we managed to communicate with her both in English and Italian.


At that time, I believe Shisha was the most known dog in the Dubai Marina Area because it was quite unusual crossing-path with a large dog roaming around with his owners and especially "off-leash".


Shisha has never been a show-dog however, one day walking out from a competition we were stopped by Astrid Harrisson a British photographer who was preparing an illustrated book titled "the Spirit of Dog" who was captured by the inner beauty of Shisha and wanted to use her as the testimonial for the breed.


The Spirit of the Dog explores the long and varied history of the dog in human cultures across the world and celebrates the very special place that this enigmatic creature holds in people’s hearts.


The partnership of wonderful words and striking images combine to create a unique product, a book full of information as well as imagery that undoubtedly captures the spirits of some of the world’s most incredible breeds.



This large, beautifully produced, and lavishly illustrated book explores the long, colorful, and enduring bond that has continued to exist between human beings and dogs. It's a relationship that dates back some 14,000 years, marked by many momentous events--dogs following or leading men into battle. . . dogs rescuing men, women, and children from scenes of disaster. . . dogs seated on the laps of emperors. . . and dogs working in the fields with farmers and shepherds
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